Which of my music projects are you looking for?

[••••••••••- [Jay Draugr] -••••••••••]

[••- [Tornado Jensen - Soundcoud] -••]

[••••••••- [Brain in a CRT] -••••••••]

[••••••••••- [GiggleSink] -••••••••••]

--Extra Info--

Creation Dates:

Jay Draugr - was created on MARCH 31st 2022 
as a filter, for when my head isn't doing too well.

Tornado Jensen - was created on the 1st of DECEMBER 2022 
for positive emotions, trying to acknowledge that good things do exist.

The Brain in a CRT - was created OCTOBER 19th 2021 for 
fictional movie and orchestral music.
Existed before but was originally called Interdimensional Love Story. 
Thought it was too long. 

Gigglesink - was created on the 19th of SEPTEMBER in 2023 
as a playground and dump for the 
weird pieces of music that fit nowhere else.