13/01/2024 - Entry 0011: New Watch!

11/01/2024 - Entry 0010: Practice.
Just some practice footage.
06/11/2023 - Entry 0009

Not feeling very well today. 
Mainly I've been sleeping.
Waiting on the recovery from my surgery.
Waiting to be able to go lift and run and bike again.
Waiting for the soreness to stop. 
Oh well.
I'll be fine eventually. 
I chose to have this surgery myself.

15/09/2023 - Entry 0008

"Sometimes I've got moments or days in life where I want to reflect and disconnect
from the addictive nature of the internet and it's related devices. 

I've got a small cabinet with a typewriter on it, and idea books, note books I mean.

I've been thingking of moving the little cabinet over next to my my small bookshelf.

That way I can make room for a small office table and chair, a reading lamp and some battery
powered candles.

This could be my little creative office. 

I have my computer office thingy in my bedroom.
Might as well have the "diconnected" office in the living room next to my creative corner. 
Where my paintings are also done.

I can imagine it.
Typewrite in the middle, books next to it.
A small cup full of pens, some battery powered candles and an led yellow reading lamp on the wall.
LED saves power, and that is important to me as I am not exactly wealthy.

That's a dream, and an obtainable one at that. 

Hope my family approves.
I might ask them for help setting it up one day haha. :)"

13/09/2023 - Entry 0007

"A song that means a lot to me recently is Everglow by Coldplay. 
The piano version.

And also their song Up&Up helps me a lot sometimes.
Give it a listen."

13/09/2023 - Entry 0006

"This is my jolly journal.
Where I journal my journey.
I do what makes me happy here.
Sometimes life just sucks and art
is my way to filter and breathe.

This site will follow my ups and my downs
in some form. :)"

13/09/2023 - Entry 0005

"I'm happy right now of course!
Finding ways to expand open my universe, and after
having actually completed one of my ideas, that being making 
a fictional social media page for one of my characters, I feel
so complete. 
Not overwhelmed like I sometimes am.
This also motivates me to make more. 
Whenever I actually get to complete somethig and the idea doesn't 
seem impossible.
Look forward to that."

13/09/2023 - Entry 0004

"I must confess that sometimes I have lied
when I've said everything is alright.

My friends are one of the reasons I get 
up in the morning and willingly breathe throughout the day.

Sure music making helps but I'd be nothing alone.

And I don't want my sadness to drive them to madness.

If I were to lose them because they got frustrated over
me being depressed (which I fully understand because having a depressed
friend can be fucking challenging) well, I'd spiral out of controll mentally.

Luckily I am happy more than I am sad.
And I do admit to having a bad day sometimes.
But I have more bad days than I'll ever admit to.

How to deal with these things is confusing."

08/09/2023 - Entry 0003

"Going to get icecream today. 
A good day indeed.

Brightens the day for sure."

01/09/2023 - Entry 0002

"Love is a weird game. 
Hell, life is a weird game.
Sometimes if you're like me, you need to cut a slice off of your past and throw it in order to move on.
Best to never restore that slice again, no matter how tempting it is.
Let it fly away, and ignore it if you find it laying around somewhere."

21/08/2023 - Entry 0001

"Sometimes reality hits you like a sword.
People I dislike and try to forget seem to always have a reason to be near me. 
And as they start to invade into my circle, the trust in likeable people cracks like ice under pressure.
I desperately want to get rid of some people, but I'm not gonna hurt anyone.
Seems I haven't snapped just yet.
I know I can't stop those I dislike and those I like from mingling together.
But some people hurt me so much It makes me feel like I can only trust someone by blood oath that they never talk to them.
Bringing them into our circle shatters the balance, and I become less loyal towards certain people.
If my circles end up becoming so unstable that I need to exclude myself from them, 
then I will.
I believe I can find ways to be happy, completely on my own.
But I'd like to avoid having to find out.

I also dislike certain people because I somehow like them.
They've hurt me but I can't forget them, and the good things that did happen.
Those people, I try to forget, because their very presence splits my mind into two.
They're the worst kind to mingle back into my circles. 
It does not cause anything good.
I need to find someone else who knows how to make me forget about them enough so that their presence becomes
less irritating. 
But it's hard to find someone like that because it's hard to trust anyone.
A lot of people I respect, I have to leave behind like a stain on the painting that is memory. 
Simply because one bad cell causes the whole circle to slowly mold and rot.
I've got to find out how to deal with this kind of thing, there must be other ways."