Time is really speeding by right now. 
I'm working on things, hoping to get them out while it is summer.

I am on a little bit of a hiatus from the interwebs, but I still exist.
And I am working on things.




Could be cool to have a little plant box :3

Synth works perfect!

Turns out my synth, the Pro VS Mini is likely fine and I just had a bunch of wonky cables. 
Ordered a new cable that hopefully isn't wonky.

Ignore the leftover beans

I hate online shopping and today gave me another valid reason to...
Imagine ordering a synth from Germany because all music stores in your country closed (Because online shopping killed them.) 

Then the synth arrives with internal flaws causing low volume and annoying noise in the signal.
I tested multible cables to make sure it wasn't just a bad cable. 

Now I gotta send it all the way back to Germany for replacement and wait another week. 

Had stores been a thing:

Would go to a store, test the synth and make sure it worked before bringing it home.
Had a problem? 
Would go to the store and get a replacement then and there. 
All within the day.

I miss when music stores still existed around here.

I am tired of the city. 
But due to the constraints and consequences of my disability and the help I therefore need,
I am stuck forever living in one. 
I dream of waking up in a wooden cabin in an edge between forest and meadow, 
river rushing and birds singing, as I stand on my porch and enjoy a cup of coffee under the golden glow of the 
early spring sunrise.

I also would not change my neighbors for anything. 
They're extremely kind people.

Well I've gotta try to get up again.
I won't ever become truly happy if I stop crawling back up when I get knocked down. 
   I'd better keep giving life my all, even when it is very little.
Little is still more than nothing.

Some times giving people a third chance before the strike, is probably not the best idea. 
Someone treats you like crap, it will happen.
I'm sure we've all met less than favorable people.
Sometimes they don't even realize they're annoying you and then they 
refuse to accept it when you finally tell them
the problem. 
But I always believed 3 chances was fair. 
I'm not so fond of that idea no more. 
Especially when you finally reach out to communicate about the issues of one of those people, 
and then the person you thought would be smart enough to help, shows to be down on their exact level.

It's never easy letting go of friendships, but it has to be done.
And I think for once, maybe I should stop finding new people. 
I'll still try to be kind, but I'll stick to the still loyal few kind friends I got. 

It's a wacky world out there guys, and it doesn't like us, who are ill in the head.

A little late with these images. 
Went to a forest again the other day and took some photos.
This time I did not have the liberty of a good camera.
This is my phone camera.

Went outside for a walk today. 
Found a neat little area with some water and some mud
in between the trees.

Had a stick hold the camera to take a photograph of me.

Just a little place I found nice.
Might return in the summer to see it all green.

Another Test Picture

Test, one two three... 
Hello world!

This is just testing the new page design based on one of my universe pages.

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